Days Of The Week Chalkboard

Days Of The Week Chalkboard

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Product Overview

Days Of The Week Chalkboard. Size: 6" x 31" x 1/8".

  • CUSTOMIZABLE – This way that way, woo-we, do family get crazy and hard to organize. Luckily each section can be changed.   
  • KEEPS FAMILY INFORMED & ORGANIZED – Family are always on the move but with the help of the hanging chalk board you can stay in the know and keep tabs on each other to make sure the unit is all moving in the right direction. 
  • FITS PERFECTLY IN NARROW SPACES – A lot of space organizers can be big and bulky but this narrow organizer fits in slim and fitting spaces. 
  • A daily chalk board calendar to keep the whole family organized.

    Routine is just easier than throwing it all up to chance, right?

    With the Days of The Week Chalkboard all you have to do is write down who has to do what & when & boom, you're on it! 

    It's that easy, then as you walk by your kitchen or other room you have hung the calendar in, you start to get in the habit of checking it & making what's on it apart of your routine. :)

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