"This is the best Family Birthday sign..."


Ever have that feeling when you know someone specials birthday is coming up but you can't quite put your finger on when it is? I had that problem to with my family since we're so large and until I found a way to properly organize everyone's birthdays my life was a complete mess. So I tried the typical outlets, buying a separate calendar, buying a mini calendar that would only be used for birthdays and even buying flash cards to try and memorize them all... I'm not kidding...

Then I stumbled upon the product above in the video and thought how cute this was and at the same time it also solved my organizational problems... So here's how my experience unfolded... I Purchased the very inexpensive product for only $45 and FREE shipping and surprisingly it arrived two days later. I'm not making this up. It came so fast, I thought I ordered it from Amazon! When the package arrives, it comes with 25 blank hearts that you can then fill out and hang from the wall decor piece. It's actually a really fun way to spend an afternoon with another family member. I did mine with my grand daughter. After about three hours, time depending on how big your family is, we were done and able to hang the wall decor piece! 

I decided to hang it in our the kitchen since it was such a high traffic area when having family over, everybody is able to see it. We get lots of compliments from family members on it and they actually end up coming back here and purchasing one for themselves. What can I say this product really does a great job at knocking out my forgetfulness towards others birthdays and looks great in our kitchen. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll fall head over heels. 

Watch HOW To Set it up!

Learn how Becky’s approach to setting up her Family Birthday board.



  • Hi I love this calendar and have purchased it a couple of time to give as gift. Could you tell me if I’m able purchase extra hearts to add family members?

    Laura Salazar
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